Build beautiful architecture diagrams

Build beautiful architecture diagrams

1. Diagrams

Turn python code into cloud system architecture diagrams
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2. Mermaid

Generation of diagram and flowchart from text in a similar manner as markdown.
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3. ASCII editor

Free editor: Asciiflow, dot-to-ascii
Paid editor: Monodraw
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4. PlantUML

It is an open-source tool allowing users to create diagrams from plain text language.
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5. Markmap

Visualize your Markdown as mindmaps. It supports the VS code plugin. Markmap makes it easy to create mindmaps from Markdown. It is an open source project and supports a wide range of editors, including VS Code. It offers many features, such as customizable themes, export to various image formats and the ability to create custom nodes.
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6. Go diagrams

Create beautiful system diagrams with Go
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7. D2

D2 is a modern diagram scripting language that turns text to diagrams
# Actors
hans: Hans Niemann

defendants: {
  mc: Magnus Carlsen
  playmagnus: Play Magnus Group
  naka: Hikaru Nakamura

  mc -> playmagnus: Owns majority
  playmagnus <-> chesscom: Merger talks
  chesscom -> naka: Sponsoring

# Accusations
hans -> defendants: 'sueing for $100M'

# Offense
defendants.naka -> hans: Accused of cheating on his stream -> hans: Lost then withdrew with accusations
defendants.chesscom -> hans: 72 page report of cheating
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8. Graphviz

Graphviz is a C-based graph visualization software born at AT&T Bell Labs in 1991. It uses a variety of layout algorithms to cover a wide breadth of domains such as UML diagrams, code dependency graphs, network maps, mind maps, and more.
digraph G {
    // Actors
    hans [label="Hans Niemann"]

    subgraph cluster_0 {

        mc [label="Magnus Carlsen"]
        playmagnus [label="Play Magnus Group"]
        chesscom [label=""]
        naka [label="Hikaru Nakamura"]

        mc -> playmagnus [label="Owns majority"]
        playmagnus -> chesscom [label="Merger talks", dir="both"]
        chesscom -> naka [label="Sponsoring"]

    // Accusations
    // NOTE: hack to get subgraph edges working
    hans -> mc [lhead=cluster_0, label="sueing for $100M"];

    // Offense
    naka -> hans [label="Accused of cheating on his stream"]
    mc -> hans [label="Lost then withdrew with accusations"]
    chesscom -> hans [label="72 page report of cheating"]
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9. Pintora

An extensible text-to-diagrams library that works in both browser and node.js
  title: Sequence Diagram Example
  participant [<actor> User]
  User->>Pintora: Draw me a sequence diagram(with DSL)
  activate Pintora
  Pintora->>Pintora: Parse DSL, draw diagram
  alt DSL is correct
    Pintora->>User: Return the drawn diagram
  else DSL is incorrect
    Pintora->>User: Return error message
  deactivate Pintora
  @note left of Pintora
  Different output formats according to render targets
  1. In browser side. output SVG or Canvas
  2. In Node.js side. output PNG file
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